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Aug. 12th, 2009

Take a good look at my face

2 | Movers Shakers and Producers [Screened to Harry Dresden, Lelouch, Raiel, Aya Brea//Unhackable]

I have something you might be interested in seeing - a brief history of the city, if you will. It's answered more questions than I knew I had.

Meet me in the Bryant Park Hotel lobby.

[Basically, she's looking for anyone with the "galvanizes city to investigate" note in their file, and she intends to pass the entire file on to them. If your character has that note but isn't included in the filter, act like they are because I'm sure I haven't caught them all. |D]

Jul. 27th, 2009

Doctor doctor gimme the news

1 | If I Can Make It There

The street signs said 7th Avenue and Broadway, and there’s a Yankees pennant on the wall. I think it’s safe to say I’m not in Los Angeles anymore; I’d assume New York. As it was, Times Square was a dead giveaway.

Which doesn’t explain why the Big Apple looks like Godzilla ’98. Please tell me I’m not living in a movie.

[Filtered to any EBA/EBD//Unhackable]

Any Agents or Divas, if you’re around, please report. What is going on here?