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Choreography and Code

Adept at hacking as I am at dancing

BD-2: Foxx
18 February
External Services:
  • diva_foxx@livejournal.com
Character Name: Agent Foxx
Series: Elite Beat Agents
Gender: Female
Age: Early to mid twenties
Sexuality: Straight

Species: Human

Appearance: The first thing most women notice about Foxx is her hair. Naturally a light silver-white, she wears it down to her waist with bangs that just brush her green eyes. On the other hand, the first thing most men notice about Foxx is her figure – slim, just under six feet, pale skin and curves in all the right places. Yep, she’s a looker.

Her uniform draws just as much attention. Think New York Cowgirl – very short white jean shorts, covered by red chaps over black high-heeled boots and held up by a black belt that also carries her badge. The top consists of a red halter with black accents and fringe along the bottom, and black-fringed red arm guards protect her forearms and wrists. Topping off the outfit is a black cowboy hat that she wears down her back (the string around her neck keeps it from slipping), wide orange sunglasses, and silver pompoms that have gone missing since her arrival in Manhattan.

Personality: Foxx is, put simply, a very smart cookie. For her, it’s a fact of life; however, she is on the other side of that barrier that exists between Smart Cookies and The Rest Of Us, so forming any kind of social relationship hasn’t always been easy for her. (This is to say, she’s got high Intelligence and Wisdom scores, but Charisma was definitely her dump stat.) The fact that she chooses her words and doesn’t say much unless she really has something to say definitely contributes to this. She’ll work with people who aren’t as intelligent as her with no problem, but anybody being purposefully stupid will get a scathing look and the silent treatment until they shape up.

For the most part, Foxx is on an even emotional keel. She tends to be very calm and roll with the punches, and it takes quite a bit to break her out of this calmness in any manner (surprise, anger, or even joy). Her default facial expression tends to be very neutral, which adds to the aura of standoffishness that she doesn’t try to create yet still exists around her. Unlike Chieftain (the Agency’s other proponent of the serious face), however, she will smile if you hand her a kitten.

Beneath all that seriousness, Foxx has a good deal of passion. It tends to show when she’s doing one of two things: working with computers or dancing. She’s an amazing technophile and loves working with just about anything with an electronic pulse – one of the few ways to really get her engaged in the conversation is asking her to explain her latest tech project. Of course, as a member of the Agency, her other love is dancing. Missions are performed with that straight face, but it’s easy to see in her movements that she loves what she does.

Despite her difficulty making friends, she has become close to her fellow Agents and Divas (even the ones who seem to have made it their life’s mission to get on her nerves). She is incredibly loyal to her friends and will back them up no matter what.

Abilities: Like other members of the Agency, Foxx has the ability to hear the Music, the rhythm of life created from the individual tunes of every living thing. She can hear when someone is out of tune with the Music (normally caused by some sort of distress), and it is her job as an Elite Beat Diva to help the afflicted person get back in tune, normally encouraging them via dance. In Manhattan, the Music has fallen silent to her ears, and no Music means no missions and a very disconcerting silence. She’s still a very talented dancer, but without the music it’s just that: only dancing.

As mentioned above, Foxx just about defines the term “techie.” She is a skilled programmer and hacker and also has a knack for hardware. (The computer in HQ that finds and identifies missions? Kahn’s idea, her design. She built and programmed that behemoth and it has never failed.) Far as technology goes, Foxx is gifted.

Manhattanite or outsider? Outsider

History: Ask Foxx about her past and her first response will be a crisp, “Classified.” Keep pressing and you’ll probably get that withering look and the silent treatment. Draw the logical conclusions and ask the right questions, and you just might get a few mentions of a supportable but unfulfilling tech support job and Thursday night ballroom classes. Beyond that, she’s not giving any details about her past before the Agency.

Her experiences as a Diva are on the Agency’s record, available to anyone with the right security clearance. They include stories of helping a sailor find buried treasure, aiding a stage magician in fending off burglars, and helping a pair of clueless movie stars survive on a deserted island and flag down a rescue plane.

Their most visible and by far most important mission, however, involved the entire planet and invading aliens – Rhombulans, who hated music and tried to silence the planet, literally petrifying anyone making music. It didn’t take long for people to call for HEEEEALP! and all the Agents and Divas swung into action, encouraging them to fight back with that same music that had been forbidden by the invaders. When those fighting back were targeted by the Rhombulans, the Divas jumped in the way of the attack and were petrified themselves.

For a few very long moments, the world lost hope.

It was the faith of one small girl that rekindled the faith in the people and brought forth a cheer, a driving rhythm that broke the Divas from stone and revived the music louder than ever. It wasn’t an opportunity the Divas were going to pass up – they danced harder than ever, and the sheer musical power they whipped up in the people shot into the sky as a beam of energy, destroying the Rhombulans.

The celebration afterwards was absolutely unreal. Worldwide parties will definitely do that. Of course, the party in the Agency itself was nothing to sneeze at, and even Foxx let loose and enjoyed herself – they had just saved the world, after all.

A week after the Rhombulans, she left with Starr and Missy to go on a mission, per usual. They left the Agency, turned a corner – and Foxx found herself alone in a wrecked city.